Find the right doctor, with right language.

Find the right doctor, with right language.

The Japanese medical institutions listed at this site can offer multilingual services.

When you request an appointment, our operators will arrange an appointment (date, time and other details) in your native language.

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  • 医療法人社団 アネモス会 荻本医院

    Ogimoto Clinic

    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

    Internal Medicine , Psychosomatic medicine , Psychiatry

  • 飯山赤十字病院

    Iiyama Red Cross Hospital

    Iiyama, Nagano

    Orthopedics , Rehabilitation , Internal Medicine , Pediatrics , Dermatology , Surgery , Psychosomatic medicine , Neurology , Neurosurgery , Otolaryngology , Gastroenterology , Respiratory Medicine , Cardiology , Thoracic Surgery , Urology , Obstetrics and gynecology , Ophthalmology , Radiology , Emergency , Plastic surgery , Psychiatry

  • 特定医療法人 南山会 峡西病院

    Kyosai Hospital

    Minami -Alps, Yamanashi

    Psychiatry , Geriatric psychiatry

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