Find the right doctor, with right language.

Find the right doctor, with right language.

The Japanese medical institutions listed at this site can offer multilingual services.

When you request an appointment, our operators will arrange an appointment (date, time and other details) in your native language.

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  • 中村脳神経内科クリニック

    Nakamura Clinic for Neurology and General Medicine

    Shinhidaka-cho, Hokkaido

    Internal Medicine , Vaccination , Neurology , Internal Medicine (Pain Clinic) , Neurosurgery

  • 三重県立総合医療センター

    Mie Prefectural General Medical Center

    Yokkaichi-shi, Mie

    Orthopedics , Rehabilitation , Internal Medicine , Pediatrics , Dermatology , Surgery , Neurosurgery , Otolaryngology , Gastroenterology , Breast surgery , Respiratory Medicine , Cardiology , Thoracic Surgery , Cardiovascular Surgery , Urology , Obstetrics and gynecology , Ophthalmology , Radiology , Anesthesiology , Digestive Surgery , Pediatric surgery , Radiation Therapy Department , Pathology department , Neurology

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