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Medical Consultation List for COVID-19

COVID-19 Help Desk for Non-Japanese

To cope with the new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) , Japanese government and local governments have set up special help lines for foreigners.

If you want to seek help regarding your symptoms, tests, consultations, please contact the following.

[Abbreviations] E: English, Ch; Chinese, K: Korean, V: Vietnamese, N: Nepali, Indon: Indonesian, Ta: Tagalog, T: Thai, P: Portuguese, S: Spanish, Ma: Malay, F: French, R: Russian, G: German, It: Italian, B: Burmese, Kh: Khmer, Mo: Mongolian, H: Hindi
Prefecture Name of Support Centers Languages Business Hours Phone Number or URL
Japan in general Japan National Tourism Organization/Japan Visitor Hotline E, Ch, K 24H, 365days 050-3816-2787
Aichi Aichi International Association E, Ch, K, T, V, Ta,S, P,Indon, N, B Mon to Sat/10:00am to 6:00pm
*For an inquiry about COVID-19, please contact Help Desk before 17:00 to maintain communication with municipal health centers.
Aichi Aichi Prefecture multilingual call center E, Ch, K, P, S, T, V, Ta, F

E, Ch, K, P, S : 24H
T : 9:00am-6:00pm
V, Ta, F : 10:00am-7:00pm
Fukuoka Fukuoka/Multilingual Medical Information Service Call Center E, Ch, K,T, V, N, Ta, Indon,P, G, R, F, S, It, Ma, My, Kh 24H, 365days 092-286-9595
Gifu Gifu Prefectural Consultation Center for Foreign Residents E, Ch, P, Ta, V, T, Indon, N, K, S, Kh, My, Ma, Mo Weekdays/9:30am-4:30pm 058-263-8066
Gunma One-stop Consultation Center for Foreign Residents of Gunma E, V, P, Ch, S, E, V : Weekdays/9:00am-5:00pm
P : Mon to Wed/9:00am-5:00pm
Ch, S :Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri/9:00am-5:00pm
Hiroshima Hiroshima International Center E, Ch, V, K, Ta, P, Indon, T, S, N Weekdays/8:30am-7:00pm
Hokkaido Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center E, Ch, K, V, Ta, T, R, N, Indon, My Weekdays/9:00am-5:00pm 011-200-9595
Hyogo Hyogo International Association Information and Advisory Service E, Ch, S, P Weekdays/9:00am-5:00pm 078-382-2052
Ishikawa Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange E, Ch, K, P, R Weekdays/9:15am-5:15pm 076-222-5950
Kumamoto Kumamoto Support Center for Foreign Residents E,Ch, K, V, N,Indon,Tag,T,P,S,Ma,F,R,G,I,My, Kh, Mo Weekdays/8:30am-5:15pm 080-4275-4489
Kyoto Kyoto Prefectural International Center/Kyoto Prefecture General Information Consultation Service for Foreign Residents E, Ch, Km, V, T, P, S Everyday except for the 2nd, 4th Tues & Holidays 075-343-9666
Mie Mie Consultation Center for Foreign Residents E, P, S, Ta, Ch, K, V, N, Indon, T Weekdays/9:00am-5:00pm 080-3300-8077
Miyazaki Miyazaki Support Center for Foreign Residents E, V, Indon, Ma, Ta, N, P, S, F, R, G, It, My: Tue to Sat/10:00am-7:00pm, 0985-41-5901
Nagano Nagano Multilingual Call Center E, Ch, K, T, Indon, G, F, It, R, S, P, V, N, Ta, Ma, My, Kh 24H, 365days First call: 0120-691-792 interpreting company will take the phone. Ask them to call 026-235-7277 for Corona Consultation.
Oita Oita/regional public health center E, Ch, P, Ta, V, T, S, Kh, My, Ma, F, R, G, It, Mo 24H, 365days please search for the telephone number for your nearest public health center
Okinawa Okinawa/ Be.Okinawa Inbound Medical Interpreting Call Center E, M, Ch, K, P, S, V, T 24H, 365days 0570-050-235
Osaka Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX) E, Ch, K, P, S,V,Ta,T, Indon, N Mon&Fri/9:00am-8:00pm (except national holidays)
Tues,Wed&Thurs/9:00am-5:30pm (except national holidays)
2nd and 4th Sundays: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (excluding Year End and New Year's holiday period)
Osaka Osaka International House Foundation E, Ch, K, V, Ta Weekdays/9:00am-7:00pm
Osaka Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Ch 24H 080-1460-7627, 080-1463-3489
Osaka Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau E, Ch, K, S, P, T, V 7:00am-11:00pm 06-6131-4550
Saitama Saitama Information & Support E, Ch, S, P, K, Ta, T, V, Indon, N Weekdays/9:00am-4:00pm 048-833-3296
Shiga Shiga Foreign Residents Information Center E, Ch, P, Ta, V, T, Indon, N, K, S, R, H Weekdays/10:00am-5:00pm 077-526-0931
Tochigi Coronavirus Consultation Hotline for Foreigners 19 languages
E, Ch, K, T, V, Indon, Ta , N, P, S, F, G, It, R, Ma, B, Kh, Mo, Sinhara
Everyday, 24 hours 028-678-8282 (Hotline)
Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center 'Himawari' E, Ch, K, T, S Weekdays and Holidays/9:00am-8:00pm 03-5285-8181
Tokyo Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents
(abbreviated designation :TOCOS TOKOSU)
and Cambodian , Myanmar,Easy Japanese
(The weekend holiday is removed.)
0120-296-004 (toll free)
Wakayama Wakayama International Exchange Center E, Ch, V, Pilipinas E,Ch : Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun/10:00am-5:00pm
V : Thu/10:00am-4:00pm
Pilipinas : Mon,Thu,Sat/10:00am-4:00pm
(Every day except on Wednesdays and national holidays)
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi/Consultation Center for Foreign Nationals E, V, Ch, Ta E,V : Wed&Fri/10:00am-4:00pm
Ch,Ta : Tue&Thu/10:00am-4:00m
Yamaguchi & Kyushu Area Travel Support Kyshu/Yamaguchi Call Center (for Yamaguchi, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita) E, Ch, K, T, V, N, Ta, Indon, P, G, R, F, S, It, Ma, My, Kh 24H, 365 days 092-687-6639
Yamanashi Yamanashi Foreign Consultation Centre E, Ch, P, K, S, Indon, N, V, T, Ta Tue to Sat/9:00am-4:00pm (except national holidays) 055-222-3390

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